I need help with Elinchrom big octa and Profoto D1 500

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Corrected instructions

If anyone has been following this thread, my instructions were based on something done a while back and weren’t quite correct. There are no Phillips head screws and washers, there are Phillips head bolts and hex nuts. Corrected instructions follow in case anyone searches for the topic at a later date:

To get the Elinchrom to Profoto adaptor to work fully with Profoto D1 monolights, you need to remove the reflector from the adaptor. The Elinchrom ring reflector isn’t needed with D1s, which have their own built in reflector, and it prevents mounting a diffusion dome and severely restricts modifier zooming.

You need to remove this:

There are three 2-3 cm long fine threaded Phillips head bolts with small hexagonal nuts. Remove the bolts with a small Phillips head screwdriver, being careful leave the nuts in place.

You can see the edge of one of the nuts in the center of the following image:

Once you remove the reflector, screw the bolts back into their holes, being careful to engage the nuts. (A small flat head screwdriver is useful here to keep the nuts in place – a very small open ended wrench would be better, but isn’t essential.)

It should look like the image below when finished:

Brian A

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