The D800 Lens Trail

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Re: The D800 Lens Trail

Thanks for the posting. I agree that the D800 is quite unforgiving when it comes to lens performance, but in practice I didn't find it a problem with my style of photography.

I am using much older AF / AF-D lenses on my D800 and find I am getting 'good enough' quality in my photos. In my collection:

24 2.8 non-D
50 1.4 D
60 2.8 macro D
85 1.8 D

I am still using film bodies, thus the requirement for aperture rings.

All of the lenses except the 24mm have shown excellent sharpness and performance from f/4 onwards. They all get soft from f/2.8 and above.

The 24 2.8 had a serious backfocusing problem and I sorted that out with AF Fine Tune. Edge performance at 2.8 and 4 is pretty rubbish, but this isn't a problem with certain types of images.

I don't feel a need to upgrade the 50, 60 and 85, but I am on the hunt for a decent wide angle replacement.

I found during my AF testing that focusing accuracy and mirror slap made more of a difference in image sharpness than any inherent flaws in the optics. An image taken at f/4 looked almost as bad as one at f/2-2.5 if I didn't lock up the mirror.

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