The whole base ISO dynamic range thing

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Re: Didn't read it, did you

ljfinger wrote:

cameramen wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

There are quite a number of things I want in improved versions of the cameras I already have that are higher on the list than this one, but that doesn't mean this one isn't on the list at all.

Could you list at least some of these, in order if possible, thanks.

Probably not in order, but all of these interest me more than low-ISO DR.

f/8 autofocus sensors in the center, flexible video crop modes, using the DNG format for raw files including the ability to use the new lossy-compressed DNG format, deeper raw buffer, better off-center point focusing performance, better high-ISO performance and dynamic range (though, this would also get you better low-ISO DR as well), hybrid viewfinder.

Nice list, I'd welcome most of these and I'm sure all would be welcomed by other photograpers. Thinking quickly I'd add, not in order: 1/500 flash sync for fill exteriors in formats smaller than full frame (since these formats have smaller shutter it's easier to make, some crop cameras had it but then..., they dropped it the same as f/8 autofocus sensors in the center), customizable indicators in viewfinders on DSLRs (turn off the ones I don't use, or add the ones I want if not comes in the default), more customizable buttons in mid range DSLRs (and with more options), and with some technology improvements more DOF for macro doing it in the field, without IQ compromise.

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