$700 fix

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Right on! Perfect :)

Photozopia wrote:

Gee - only another 31 posts to go. How many more "stick it to Fuji posts" can we expect?

If complainers feel the basic 'don't buy second user/grey market/no invoice etc.' advice is not working for you - perhaps you might care to follow the following 'relaxation' therapy ...

Take a large marker pen (colour RED for preference) and draw a 1" (25mm) circle on the wall - at roughly nose height.

Place marker pen in pocket (replacing cap first) then - standing approx. 12" (30cm) from base of wall - with arms perpendicular to body, begin to sway back and forth.

Finally, start slowly, and methodically, hitting the red mark with your skull until you feel better ... or some sense starts to appear in your head.

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