Buy FZ150 or wait for new FZ model ????

Started Jun 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
dgcohen61430 Regular Member • Posts: 186
Re: How long are you prepared to wait ???

I agree with Gerry, after all the FZ100 was the latest and that gets mixed reviews, plus as Gerry says, it's a never ending process, there will always be a later camera, if not in a month or so but certainly in a year or so.

The main thing in my opinion is the solid backing the FZ150 has received. I own the FZ35 which I like very much, but age and financial consideration would throw a guilt thing on me if I replaced a perfectly good camera with a better one just for the heck of it.

But for you younger guys, the lesson I have learned is given a choice based on price, provided you can afford it, get what you really want. Nobody regrets getting something a little better, but don't be like my son, endlessly fussing over whether he really should have got one of the alternatives. Be careful with wives though, if they are too hot you're forever fighting off the competition (just kidding).

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