Bride and flower girl

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Re: Bride and flower girl

tmaxey1 wrote:

I love the adjustments that were made.

The picture went from a classic point and shoot to a smooth professional level picture.

I love the blurring you were able to do with photoshop.

I do not have any strong editing software currently and have started to look into purchasing some.

Now I know some may say the Bokeh with editing isnt true like with a fast prime lens however after seeing your quick adjustments it is making me second guess paying $300 for the 50mm 1.8f prime lens just to have blurry backgrounds.

Thanks, but it's true, the graduated blurring and out of focus highlights you get from "real" shallow depth of field:

...are not easily replicated with a simple background select + Gaussian blur like I did on the bride + flower girl shot, though the artificial look I got seems to suit the fairy tale/ fantasy aspect of wedding photos! You can get a decent shallow depth of field effect with the kit zoom at 50-55mm wide open, with the subject up close or try a cheap older manual 50mm + adapter (Minolta, Canon FD, Olympus, Konica Hexanon, etc - they're all good!) if you're not sure about the SEL50, though it seems to be superb. Try Gimp or for free Photoshop-style editing.


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