Focus Stacking Handheld

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Re: Focus Stacking Handheld

dont move backwards and forwards, only pick one direction

find the best way of moving and keeping trajectory "straight"...pick your start point and then move the camera, you dont have to look through the finder, you only move very slightly, you'll pick up the exact speed to move, etc through very little trial and error

as someone said, use auto-align. If you dont have PS combine ZP will align too...but it's getting a little aged now.
yes, i use highest burst speed

charley5 wrote:

Can someone please let me know how that's done! I am trying to picture it. By the time I take multiple exposures of a single scene moving back and forth slightly, the alignment will suffer due to the natural movement and shifting of my hands. So the images will not be perfectly aligned. A lot of cropping will result.

Do people use continuous firing for this?

Any other comments would be appreciated!



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