SSD SATA III 6GBps for new system

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Re: Crucial M4 CT256M4SSD2 - Seemed Good

It's a pretty good reason to avoid them, imo. Raid0'ing a sata6 ssd is usually silly, anyway. You're already taxing the interface and you don't get added IOPS.

I agree with the above statement for sure. Is there really a reason for raiding SSD 6gb drives? Not sure. I remember when I bought a Baracudda 9GB SCSI U2W and I thought I really needed it, but later really regretted it, as well as spending all that money on a SCSI LVD controller that had 3 flavors of SCSI one external SCSI LVD plug.

Just one LVD drive + the LVD card was $1000.00 back in kidding! Later I tried to dump that system for small cash, but nobody wanted it at all! As I recall eBay was not really good with selling computer builds yet, and there was no such thing as Craigslist yet. I did end up stuck with that high-end monster that totaled at about $5,600.00, and tried to make good use of it.

I like Jim and Bob's philosophy on computer electronics......."CHEAP!"

Being frugal is good. Saving the money is very good. You always need new tires for the car, or extra cash for the wedding, or for any emergency.

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