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Re: imac screen sizes

Christopher D Mann wrote:

Yes I am buying brand new. I am looking at the one with 4GB ram and 1TB HD. I will also be working with raw files from 7D and 5D III. Will ram be enough.

4GB RAM is minimal, though it might be satisfactory if you are only editing one image at a time and you only have one program open. If you want to edit in bulk and you want multiple apps open (remember, even web browsers like to use tons of RAM now), or if you even want to smash together multiple images for HDR or panoramas, 4GB is way too little. If you are spending an Apple premium for a nice iMac, for photography, and only have 4GB RAM in it, you're sort of wasting the vast majority of your expensive hardware. Heck, 4GB isn't even enough to make full use of a 64-bit CPU. I would start at 8GB.

Christopher D Mann wrote:

I was told at store if I wanted to upgrade drive that screen would have to be removed from case. Did not understand why that would have to be done. Is there a access panel on the new I mac machines for ram upgrade?

The RAM is easy to upgrade, there is an access panel. But the drive must be accessed through the screen. In addition, there are severe restrictions on which drives can be used in an iMac, due to some decisions Apple made about them:

This is the reason I cannot buy an iMac. The only Macs that are harder to upgrade are the Air and the new Retina MacBook Pro.

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