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Re: E-3 Problem

Here's a couple things I did. I cleaning the pins off with clean cotton swab. I reset everything I could on my camera that said reset, and l low an behold it seems to be working again. I haven't tried the lens that I originally had on the camera at the time the problems first started, but changed lenses via a suggestion on this forum and still got the dark photos. I tried it on my dog just before I did those things, and on some outside flowers. It was very dark. You could barley see the image. Then I did those things and the images seemed normal.

So I don't know what it was for sure, or how long the fix will last, but right now its seems to be taking photos as it should.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who cared enough to take the time to help me. It is very much appreciated. It's the very first time I have ever had a problem with either of my Olympus cameras.

Although I use my E-5 the most nowadays with my big lenses on it, I always like to have my E-3 there to catch the stuff thats too close for long glass. I am sure many of you understand. It will be good to know I have both, come next week, when I plan to go shoot antelope photos in Wyoming.

If any of you are interested in seeing any of the photos I shot when this happened in Yellowstone last week, here's a link to thread that shows some of my photos.


And if any of you have other suggestions I will keep an eye on this thread. Thanks again big time. Bill

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