World cools towards Obama

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Re: It was predictable. The obama mania couldn't last.

Yoho. Behave yourself. I have been relatively nice to you lately, don't upset the apple cart or I will answer every right wing and Nationalistic point you make with equal and opposite force.I have been to America many times, I have visited the the centre of your country, the NW, The East, the west and North west and have many friends and relatives there. Also due to your massive importance in the world I have an awful lot of tv news, newspaper articles and internet information about your country. Daily we have news about the US. It's difficult to evade it. You live in dosy, middle of the road Colorado, an area I have visited and stayed quite a few times and I know the politics of this area. Don't think you are an expert on the USA because you aren't. I have watched tv in the US many times and your overseas coverage is minimal, not like in the UK. You like to swing insults about the UK, but I think you know very little about our small country.

To say I don't have a clue about the USA shows your ignorance. You can bet your life we know a lot more about your country that you (especially you) know about the UK.

Yoho, sadly I have a lot of clues about the US. So forget that pathetic argument for a start OK?

YoHahnMD wrote:

Jules . . .

Sadly, since you don't live here in the USA, you really don't have a clue.

No matter how much you think you do!

Vote NoBama for Ex-President in 2012

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