1Dx Detail vs 1DsIII

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Re: 1Dx Detail vs 1DsIII

JPG size, doesnt not increase linear with increase in resolution.
So is RAW, which is lossless, but compressed nevertheless.

This sizes look expected to me, even if compression or level of details would be the same.

It is natural double or triple the resolution for example to not result to double or triple the file size, because more uniform areas will occur, and thus be compressed more effectively.

Unless we find the super-detailed photo that stress each sensor to each maximum theoritical limit.

To sum up, i dont believe that this miniscul increase of size/megapixel proves anything.

For example average size of RAW file in 50d = 21.2mb 15megapixels.

One would expect if it was an 18.1 megapixel file like the 1dx, with the same sensor to have 25.5mb file.
But the 1dx has only... 23.2 instead of 25.5

Does this mean that the 1dx has less detail per megapixel?


As the size increases, so lossless compressor becomes more effective, because it can "match" same pixels easier.

Just some thoughts

KAllen wrote:

jffielde wrote:

Oversimplified but interesting comparison (from both manuals only):

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1DSIII-----1Dx-----% of 1DsIII

raw in MB-----25.0-----23.2---------92.8%
jpeg in MB------6.4-------6.0---------93.8%

One might infer that the 1Dx is getting much closer to the detail of the 1DsIII than would be expected from the MP alone. If so, that would be welcome.

The difference in MP alone is small, I expect to see little difference. That's why on MP count it is a disappointing supposed upgrade for the DsIII user.
You don't need to sit down and do sums to see there will be little difference.

It will need some special magic to be a replacement for the 1DsIII, good DR and decent high iso are areas it could score over the DsIII, resolution is neither here nor there.


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