100-400 with Canon Teleconverter 1.4 Mark III - Not impressed

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Re: Focusing Question

Ken, I am sorry that my camara is older 1Ds Mark III, which cannot autofocus in live view mode. One thing I noticed was that as soon as I put the TC on, the camera did not allow me to choose focus point any more. The aparture shows F8 and only the center focus point was enabled.

Ken53 wrote:

Hi Hobbyman

Thank You for the post. It has been helpful to me, and I’m sure for others that just browse thru.

If you can find the time, could you please let us know if that combination focuses in live view and if so how well it does? I’m aware that it does not focus in phase detect mode. No need to waist any of your time to post photos, just a short response would be great.



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