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Thanks for the comments everyone.

mosswings wrote:

It is an impressive feat of engineering, and vitally important to the survival of the polder lands behind it; before it was built, the North Sea would regularly inundate them. And, of course, the Ijsselmeer is now where Holland will find the extra land it may need in the future.

We traveled to the Monument by train and bus some years back. It's a long, multimodal journey. There is nothing there but a small snack shop and a historical display. We tried to board the return bus to Den Helder but it refused to stop for us, forcing us to walk the entire 10km back and miss the last direct bus back to the train line. Needless to say, the bus station agents were aghast at our story and the driver of the slow bus that was about to leave bade us to board his bus for the return. Of course it took a long time, but he became a tour guide of sorts for us and we saw parts of the Dutch countryside we would never have seen otherwise. Serendipity and sore feet...

Seems like you had some bad luck there!

The snack shop at the monument is now more of a small restuarant, we had some lovely kroketten there.

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