Poor 5D3 ergonomics (Grip)

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Re: Just tried again - HORRIBLE!!!

I think the 7D is a huge improvement over the 5DII. I haven't held a 5D3 but if it's anything like the 7D then it should be great. 5D2 seems a bit unnatural to me...

Press Correspondent wrote:

Just went to the only store here in Kansas City that actually has 5D3 or D800 on display - Nebraska Furniture Mart. How ironic! Compared the grip on all bodies:

5D2 - Perfect!
D800 - Not as good, but OK, no problem
5D3 - Horrible!
7D - Even slightly worse

Let me explain what the problem is. When you hold the camera, the upper part of your thumb pushes against the upper part of the back side of the body and it is OK. The lower part of your thumb (essentially that part of the palm heel that is the thicker extension of the thumb) pushes against the lower part of the camera body on the back. In its infinite wisdom, Canon decided to shape this part of the body supposedly to match the curves of your palm. So there is a little heel and a narrow valley between the heel and rotary dial. This valley is way too narrow to accept the shape of my hand. That lower part of my thumb or palm heel, whatever the proper term, is at least an inch thick. The little heel and valley on the camera there are about twice as narrow. As a result my thumb, instead of being in that valley (as it perfectly is on 5D/5D2), covers both the valley and the heel on the camera with the heel pushing against it uncomfortably. The shape of the camera body in no way matches the shape of the hand, what in the world was Canon thinking?!

I can sort of understand a misconnect at Canon Japan where someone used the measurements of the tiny Japanese hands. But what really puzzles me is so many happy responses in this thread. Please, don't tell me guys you all have tiny girly hands that actually fit into the mishaped curves of 5D3!!!

Please let me know if after this verbose descriptionI still need to post a picture to show where the problem area is.

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