RX100 Video Quality/Capability?

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Re: 100% Agree now...

Sony has much better video than Canon due to a better codec, higher bitrates, 60p for fast motion, much faster AF, better stabilization. Very disappointing considering Canon's background with video.

To get an idea of the difference put your SD card in a HX20V or HX30V at your camer store and take some video. Although the sensor is smaller than the S100 the videos are much better. The much larger sensor in the RX100 will do even better.

Here is a comparison between last years HX9V and the Canon 600D.


"The HX9v splits the GH2 and Canon DSLR 1080p on the starting grid, producing more detail than the 600D with less moire and aliasing. The HX9 comes close to matching the GH2 for resolution, and 1080/60p is a huge benefit over 24p since you can choose to give footage a dreamy slow-motion look or convert it to cinematic 24p or 25p. You have the choice!"

jumpingjack wrote:

I went down to my camera store yesterday with my fast SD card and asked if I could shoot some pictures and video on the S100 to try it out. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Admittedly on the photo side it was set to JPG only (top quality setting) but when viewed on my 24" screen they really were quite soft compared to my 60D. Of course I wouldn't expect such a small sensor to produce the same results as my 60D but from the reviews I read I did expect it to be better than it was. I know I can should RAW and pp afterwards but every photo was soft. I don't mind doing some pp to make a good photo great, but I don't expect to buy a premium compact and have to make a poor photo good.

From a video standpoint, while the actual clarity of the footage was excellent it really wasn't very smooth when there was motion. I can only presume that this is down to it being only 24fps. The Sony RX100 here in the UK will be 50fps and in the US 60fps so I am guessing motion will be a lot smoother with the Sony.

Another side issue with the S100 is that the video format produced by the S100 is MOV files whereas the RX100 is AVCHD.

I use Sony Vegas to edit and with AVCHD from my Panny, once edited and exported there is no visual loss of quality from the original. No matter what I did with the MOV samples from the S100 the final exported HD 1920 x 1080 file always looked second generation.

Suffice it to say I will not be buying the S100 and am now back and waiting for the RX100.

I cannot see any other compact camera on the market that has the same size sensor AND fits in a pocket AND shoots progressive HD at 50fps. So, I will be trying the RX100 and if that does the job I will go for it. If it doesn't I will just stick to my Panny and forego photos on this years hols.

I am only going to replace my Panny camcorder if I can find a single comapct camera that has video quality to match and takes decent photos. Anything else and I am just throwing money away.

The Canon has a much smaller sensor so the IQ is sure to be worse than the RX100. If the IQ of the S100 is satisfactory for your uses than the Canon may be better for you. Personally I own 2 APS-C cameras and find the IQ of small sensor cameras like the S100 unacceptable. Since you own a 60D you may find the S100 IQ unacceptable as well.

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