Hiking Tripod Suggestions with EM5?

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Re: Hiking Tripod Suggestions with EM5?

pixelcollector wrote:

ginsbu wrote:

If size is an absolute priority, this might be your best bet:


At under 12" folded, it really is substantially smaller than most of the other "traveller" options. Full extended it's adequately high, though less stable; collapse the last leg segment and column when stability matters more. I haven't bought it yet, but I have played with it in the shop and plan on getting one before my next trip.

i've looked at this one in a shop and decided to go for the MUCH cheaper and only slightly heavier aluminum version. If anything the aluminum feels nicer and inspires more confidence, imo.

I also compared them. The CF version is ridiculously light — it does almost feel like a toy — and, as you say, the weight difference isn't much. My concern with the aluminum version is vibration damping: the thin legs are very "twangy", even without the smallest segments extended. CF has much better vibration damping characteristics, and the difference was really obvious. For longer exposures and/or windy conditions, this matters. (Of course, there are limits to what such a small and light tripod can do under such conditions regardless of material.) That led me to favor the CF version for $90 more.

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