New D3100 User: Upgraded from D60 for only $100

Started Jun 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
TFergus Veteran Member • Posts: 6,188
Re: New D3100 User: Upgraded from D60 for only $100

nfpotter wrote:

TFergus wrote:
This guy is a rude idiot... ignore him.
He's the epitome of the D7000 fanboy.
If it's not a D7000... then it doesn't deserve to be produced.

nfpotter wrote:

GlobalGuyUSA wrote:

that bokeh blur, which is highly desirable.

Yet another person who does no what "bokeh" means.

Huh ?!

"who does no" what ?!

Go back to a point and shoot.

Go back to school.

LMAO. A typo, supposed to say "does not know". Back off, Jack. I was talking about the pictures, not the camera.

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