Bizar body prices K-5 (750€) < K-30 (780€) < K-7 (790€)

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Re: Bizar body prices K-5 (750€) < K-30 (780€) < K-7 (790€)

Its not really so bizzare if one looks at it more critically.

Prices in Germany:
K-5 body around 730 euro
K-7 body: 699
K-30 body: 749

There is also here hte 50 euro discount on the K-5.

I agree that the K-5 is close to end of life, so stocks are probably being moved out the door with good pricing. I guess over here the K-7 is still lsightly cheaper for whatever reason, but with the 50 euro cashback the K-5 still beats it.

Now the K-30 has a recommended retail price of 750 for the body. And all of the prices I have seen so far lists around this price range. Note that no one (at least in Germany) has stock at the moment. Therefore, they are all going to sell around the recommended retail price (pre-orders I presume). I would guess that the moment the K-30 comes out in full on the market the prices will start to fluctuate and decrease as per normal for camera bodies.

Also, depending on the features you would want to have, it might turn out that the K-30 is more desireable than the K-5. The K-5 mostly (but not exclusively) offer the more sturdy body and a few extra controls (like top LCD).

I would not say the K-5 is a: "please stay away from this" kind of product. On the contrary....

Would not mind having one myself....but had to buy a new laptop cash is low. And I also would like to see the prices of the K-30 body once they are out on the market.

hope it helps.

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