Scratched display 5N - normal use?

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Re: Scratched display 5N - normal use?

cxsparc wrote:

Thanks to all and to you for reassuring me. I agree, the effect looks identical to my glasses losing their AR coating after some years despite careful treatment. My optician assures me that NOW they have fixed that issue

The camera is 3/4 year old so I will try the warranty approach. Afterwards I am wondering: What do you mean with Sony glass protector? Is there one made by Sony? For the 5N?

Thanks again to all!

Ok, one more time: When I got my 5N [first week of US availability direct from sony store], it came with a lightly adhesive thin poly skin over the display -- much like the poly skin that might be on a new cordless phone display or other consumer device display. I do not know about later 5N deliveries or other nex models.

On some devices [particularly those I'm not sure I'm keeping], I leave this skin in place to keep it newer looking longer [and more ebay-ready]. When I do leave it on, the skin winds up looking essentially like the photo in your first post after some months of normal use. The actual screen beneath the skin remains like-new.

I did not leave the skin on my 5N. My 5N looks nothing like your photo.

Are you sure the skin isn't still in place on yours?

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