World cools towards Obama

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Re: It was predictable. The obama mania couldn't last.

JulesJ wrote:

When i posted this article I knew the anti Obama brigade would hone in on parts of the report but not others. This shows how warped politics is. Each side just chooses the pluspoints for their own argument and ignores the plus points of their opponents. Humans are pretty sad aren't they?

Henry Schobin wrote:

The USA and the world came to see he was just a hyped up (with the help of the liberal media) politician with an oblivious slogan - "Hope and Change."

It was designed to allow people to attach whatever hopes and dreams they were looking for to him. He was the perfect smoke and mirrors candidate.

He was never vetted by the press, which is only hurting him more now. Had he been vetted, and won, people wouldn't be so disappointed with him now.

JulesJ wrote:

Interesting reading. But don't ignore the comparisons with Bush before the Republicans say I told you so .

Jules . . .

Sadly, since you don't live here in the USA, you really don't have a clue.

No matter how much you think you do!

Vote NoBama for Ex-President in 2012

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