D800 sharpening in Aperture (oh, and the first "cat" photo...)

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Re: D800 sharpening in Aperture (oh, and the first "cat" photo...)

I posted about the the color noise issue in Aperture as well. Many suggested that it wasn't an issue as it wouldn't show up in a print. Unfortunately they are completely wrong. What I print shows up in my 24"x48" prints.

Even after the latest update from Apple, I again played with every RAW setting as well as adjustment and still can't get rid of the color noise I'm seeing.

I unfortunately think I have to buy Lightroom 4 for lack of any information of an Aperture update.

As you can see the Luminance Noise Reduction slider in LR4 takes out the noise just fine, there just isn't a corresponding slider or combination of adjustments in Aperture that gives the same result

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