Help me choose: x10 v xz-1 v GF3

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Re: Help me choose: x10 v xz-1 v GF3

Maybe on a planet where it's dark and everything is far away and you always print small?

I.e., your pocket size allows the 2/3" sensor to have a very nice f/2.8 aperture in front of it, and 6MP EXR "binning," and you are using a 35mm equivalent of a 112mm lens, while the 4/3" sensor has an f/5.6 aperture, and you have to crop the "84mm" lens.

(This happens to me all the time.)

On what planet would a 2/3" sensor beat a 4/3" sensor in a fair fight? Of course the GF3 would win.

  • Paul

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