Stop adding an e to the end of "lens"

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Re: different languages - all English

Sounds like you all need a cwtch.

Cwtch is a word often used by people in Wales, although it techiqually is from the Welsh language it is used by the English speaking people and is accepted as a local english word.

My point is even within each country we have different dialects, accents and even language which is still reconised by people. At the end of the day you can make up words or use regional ones as long as everyone understands your meaning. How you spell 'lens' or 'lense' is irrelevent as long as people understand your meaning - and with the internet bringing more and more regions and dialects together I think we will all have to be more flexible with our understanding and language - as long as it is legible (correct puncuation helps here!) does it matter?

I am often amused with some of the words my siblings come out with - they are both in the militory and they seem to have a language all to themselves - I often have to ask for an explaination!

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