David Busch's Sony Alpha NEX-7 Guide to Digital Photography

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Re: He's still writing it--emailed me /nt

Thanks for the update and letting me know about these how-to books. I'd rather order only one for the 5N that I got for my father (new grandparent who used an old Minolta SLR in the 1970s). Which of the two do you think is better?

My main concern is that the Busch book is written solely for the 5N whereas the Friedman book is written for the 3/C3/5/5N, so Friedman book may not be as good for the 5N as Busch? Secondly, Friedman's printed book costs $112 whereas Busch's printed book costs $18. Why this discrepancy?

Busch's 5N

Friedman's 3, C3, 5, 5N

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