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Nikon Rob
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Re: Amazon D800E notice

Not in the queue there isn't. As we've seen with the D800 threads about Amazon pre-orders, they've shipped in the order of the pre-orders. If you're 348th in the queue, you get the 348th camera they ship. The estimated shipping dates might be a different story, but I haven't seen any actual instances of "I ordered mine an hour before someone who got theirs and mine hasn't shipped yet."

I actually have to complement them on something else, too. My payment was initially declined on my D4 and they still held it for me until I could clear it up with my bank the next day, when they could have just sent it to the next person in line.

Alex Donohue wrote:

I wonder if there is a difference between the way normal Amazon customers and Amazon prime customers are treated. I also have a range of Mid June through Mid July I placed it probably in the beginning of April.

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