Poor 5D3 ergonomics (Grip)

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Ehh, no. Your massively conceited analogy to Galileo is invalid because we are not talking about a belief here. The vast majority know for a fact that the grip works great for us, because we can hold the camera in our hand and feel it. Your suggestion that it is just buyer's remorse is hugely condescending and insulting, as if you know better what's good for everybody. Who are you, Obama?

I was able to find a way for the ridge not to cut into the flesh of my palm,

There it is, you are holding the camera incorrectly. The ridge should be nowhere near your palm. It almost sounds like you are holding it such that you could operate the 4 buttons in front of the top LCD with your thumb. Or maybe with your thumb going horizontally across the back of the camera.

I could not hold 5D3 in one hand for 5 minutes, because I had to push my thumb against it constantly to prevent the camera from falling out of my hand.

More evidence you are holding it incorrectly. My 5D3 practically magnetizes to my hand. I can hold it down by my side when not shooting, and it just hangs from my fingers and thumb with minimal effort. I haven't even bothered to put the strap on because of this.

I have raised an issue that, due to the larger LCD, Canon went out of room and severely compromised the horizontal grip.

They did not run out of room. As you can see from the photos of myself and the dpreview reviewer holding the camera correctly, the large rear control wheel is not touching our hand.

Canon should listen to both sides and correct the problem while keeping everyone happy. An improvement is always possible.

I'll bet there were as many or more people unhappy with the 5D2 grip as there are with the 5D3 grip.

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