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Thanks guys

I am in the UK. I have had a lot of recommendations for Red River, but I cannot find a distributor over here.

Marrutt offer ICC profiles but not for the 9500 mk II. But I have contacted them directly and they have sent me a pack and instructions to print off an image which I then return to them and they will send me a custom profile.

I'm still not quite sure how Marrutt relate to Lyson and Ilford. Their website states that they are exclusive distributors for Lyson inks in the UK. They offer their own (Marrutt branded) paper, which I have been trying out, and also Ilford papers (the smooth gloss and smooth pearl) which I have heard good things about, particularly the pearl.

Someone recommended Lyson oyster paper to me, but I dont think Marrutt do this. Is this a discontinued range? When I put 'lyson paper' into google it seems to be directing me to the Marrutt website. The only link to a Lyson page is for their inks. Slightly confused...!

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