Some pictures I took at a friend's wedding with the 5D Mark III

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Re: Some pictures I took at a friend's wedding with the 5D Mark III

cpkuntz wrote:

I had a good time shooting with this camera at a wedding, since everyone was dressed well and there were many nice-looking photo opportunities. I'm friends with the wedding photographer and stayed out of his way, since I'm sure it can be annoying to be followed around by guests with DSLRs who think they are photographers. Nonetheless, I was able to get some shots that complimented the professional photos. My friend seems happy with some of them.

Hi cpkunz, nice set of images there. The pic of your wife is really great, the best of the lot for me. Did you upgrade from a 5d2 by any chance?

Shooting with the primes, I assumed were you using off centre focus points? How did you find the performance of this vs the centre point?

I shoot with a 5d2 (weddings amoung other stuff) and only use centre point, which usually means cropping in post when shooting with primes close to wide open.

Just as an aside......+1 for lensmeisters comment re shooting with primes at weddings. It is entirely up to the photographer. Due to the way that I like to shoot I would rather carry the lenses that compliment how I shoot, not less for the sake of ease.

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