The E-M5 cannot replace a DSLR.

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Re: A D3 is hardly a representative dSLR though.

The D700 may not be the best choice available for shooting sports and action but it is better than the E-M5 because it delivers 5FPS with reliable C-AF without grip and 8FPS with grip.

I tried shooting sports and action with the E-M5 (horse racing, river surfing, bike race) even before Don Parrot got his E-M5 and i am in contact with him to exchange ideas on settings that further improve C-AF behaviour.

Thats why i am convinced that the E-M5 is very well useable but there are other more expensive cams (medium and high end DSLRs) with available fast lenses supporting fast AF covering the whole range that can do much better.

Limiting factors for the E-M5 are the invisible AF field in burst mode and poor choice of tele lenses supporting fast AF. C-AF is not bad when using Don Parrots settings but C-AF+Tracking sucks and is only useable for macro (where it works surprisingly well with the 12-50).

For sports like Golf, Baseball, ... i.e. situations where your main motive doesn't move to much distance wise, the 9FPS with AF only on the first shot are actually a good choice. I tried this shooting the horses coming out of the starting machine.

I'd never buy a E-M5 if i mainly wanted to shoot sports and action, why make my life harder than necessary.

On the other hand E-M5 owners that occationally want to shoot sports and action just for fun (not as professionals having to deliver results) should read Don Parrots findings, practise and get to know the C-AF behaviour. Once you understand how to use it and where the limits are, you will be able to produce good results with it provided the lenses you are using supprt fast AF. But you have to work harder than with one of the DSLRs i mentioned before.

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