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Re: I used to have an LX2 - sold it and bought a GF1

sean000 wrote:

I considered upgrading to the LX3, but ultimately decided to get the GF1 with 20mm f/1.7 and 14-45mm zoom. I have loved using the GF1. Huge image quality increase over the LX2 (the GX1 or G3 offer a significant leap over the GF1 as well in terms of IQ). The GF1 is practically as responsive as a DSLR as well. The only thing I missed about the LX2 was the handy switch to toggle between aspect ratios (you have to go to a menu to do this on the m4/3 cameras).

To be honest I shoot everything in widescreen, it was a widescreen sensor and I just cropped as required. I was also very happy with the image quality of the LX2 but agree that the shutter lag is a pain, especially after having a play about with a GF3 and seeing how snappy it is!

If you never see yourself wanting a viewfinder or flashgun, and you don't need quick access to lots of different controls, then the GF3 should be fine. However it does not match the image quality of the GX1 or G3. You might check out the G3 as an in-between option, although it will be slightly bulkier.

Still torn, my sensible side says go with the GF3 its going to cost half the price and if it should give me a camera that I can at least work with for a few years thats substantially better than my LX2. If its crap then I can sell the body and still have 2 lenses.

Don't seem myself needing an EVF or an additional flash. Thanks for the help and advice though.

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