Art Filter use - Should I feel guilty?

Started Jun 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Art Filter use - Should I feel guilty?

agent888 wrote:

So I took the OM-D out last weekend and snapped some pictures. The one below that I took, I used the Art Filter "Dramatic Tones" I think it is called. I really really liked the results, but I somewhat feel guilty about it.

That feeling will pass, I don't know anybody who after the initial shock would continue to like the unnatural garrish look of Dramatic filter -- people look sick, nature looks nuked, -- what is it to like here? It looks like a botched HDR attempt.

I want to be able to produce this sort of work on my own eventually with post processing and what not, I don't want to use art filters as a crutch.

How do y'all feel about it? Or is this a case of "Take advantage of all tools at your disposal but don't become overly dependent."

Guess I'm afraid to be labeled as one of those people that add a lens flare and sepia and then call myself an artist.

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