OM-D, can it be used for professional photography?

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Re: Do you mean pro photography or wedding photography?


One of the reasons we're on this forum is because we like "gear". Me too! But sometimes we put too much stock in having the latest and most technologically advanced gear. Much three year old (or even older) gear is completely up to the task, if used properly. Yes, the D4 or even D3S have more capable sensors and larger feature sets. However, they do not necessarily make better images. I'm moving toward 1) an evf finder and 2) more compact and lighter gear. For my purposes, I think those two attributes give "me" more needed features than the D4/D800 options offer.


Louis_Dobson wrote:

I agree the sensor matches the D700. But the D700 is four years old. I'd feel happier with a D4 or D800 myself.

rmarko wrote:

I do shoot wedding professionally and believe the E-M5 is technically up to the task. I have shot a pair of D700s over the past 3 years and my new E-M5 is certainly the equal from a sensor perspective. The two things that might hold it back are:

1) Durability ... this one is yet to be determined. My Nikon gear has been pretty bulletproof.

2) The OM "System" is not yet mature. Some new lenses have been announced but it may be a while before they are available. The current premium primes are stellar however. A reliable and flexible flash system may be the most important cog in the system. Not sure at this point how Oly will live up.

On all other accounts, the camera is more than capable. I even think the focus tracking is adequate for processionals and recessionals. I don't really care about my clients opinion of gear. If I can deliver the images ... that's the bottom line.

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