2nd Time using E640 strobe, advice/input welcome

Started Jun 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: 2nd Time using E640 strobe, advice/input welcome

Really excellent points from Sailor Blue!!

Only one note I'd like to add is your mention of trying to get more light out of your reflector. If you take Sailor Blue's advice and move your Einstein a little closer to your subject using the same angle on camera left, you can then "feather" the light by rotating or slightly turning it so that more light falls in front of your subjects face. This light falloff will also be directed towards the reflector thereby bouncing more light into your subjects face on the shadow side (camera right)

Once you achieve this setup, you can then adjust the intensity of the bounced light by changing the angle and/or proximity of your reflector from your subject. A little experimentation will give you the results you want.

Good Luck and definitely a great start...

PS. I also use the E640 but with the Pocketwizard MC2 modules and love them!!!

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