Epson 3880 inks

Started Jun 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
chadderuski Regular Member • Posts: 461
Thinking Outside the Box...

You have yet another option that doesn't get mentioned much.

If you buy a 3880, but want to save on oem ink... look at Cone's new refillable carts.
(they can be replace one at a time).

Now, how about shopping around for some Epson OEM 700ml carts. You see them on ebay for $165 all day long. How about a 220ml cart for $40? Lots of deals if you shop.

Do the math, and that is pretty good cost savings and you don't have to worry about what non-oem ink will do to your printer, fading, etc. etc. etc.

My 3800 is still running strong after 4 years (wish my 9890 behave like it's little brother).

And to really let the cat out of the bag: I just scored (27) 220ml carts for $250 off craigslist. Now it doesn't get any better than THAT! Well, FREE would be better, but ya can't look gift horse in the mouth.

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