RX100 Video Quality/Capability?

Started Jun 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
teamrican1 Regular Member • Posts: 173
Re: 100% Agree now...

Yeah, Canon doesn't have anything that match the video quality of Sony's right now because of their pathetic frame rate. The worry with Sony is not with the video, which will easily match or better your camcorder, but the still image quality. The HX line with the much smaller sensor is fantastic when it comes to video but abysmal with respect to JPEG compression/smearing/watercolor effect. This camera has a bigger sensor and shoots in RAW, so theoretically we can expect great improvement. What you'll want to look for is sample shots with Caucasian subjects. That is where the lower Sony compacts really fall apart. If the RX can handle that without issue, I'd say this camera will more than satisfy your requirements (assuming you can live with the limited zoom range compared to your camcorder).

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