Kodak P880 replacement camera-new version

Started Jun 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Kenneth Margulies Senior Member • Posts: 1,467
Re: Kodak P880 replacement camera-new version

I think the image quality for this Fuji has been rated quite good, and certainly outperforms the 8MP P880, which was itself very decent.

What struck me about the camera was the 24mm zoom lens. I loved having a wide zoom of the P880. It was great for family shots, and scenery. If you are just looking for a long zoom, then there are more choices, but the 24mm wide on the Fuji is impressive.

In any event, as I mentioned, I have the Sony A65. I just wanted the P880 fans to have a look at the Fuji and judge for themselves.

The P880 ruled,but that king is dead, killed by the geniuses at Kodak who decided that film should be King, and now printers...

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