GXR Newcomer (A16)

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Re: GXR Newcomer (A16)

The bird image may be slightly unsharp because: 1- the bird moved it's head - the feathers appear sharper than the eye, my guess is the bird moved it's head slightly during the shot, 2- the lens is not as sharp at close distance as at far distance - this is normal for most lenses that are not macros, they are optimized for infinity focus and are less than optimal close up, 3- the focus is slightly behind the bird on the wood bench and the tail feathers. Beautiful bridge pictures, for portraits (or anything with an eye, such as a bird) the eye needs to be in focus, everything else is less important than the eye. When the eye is out of focus we humans see the image as flawed. Curiously, only one eye needs to be in focus, if it is then we accept the other eye's softness (out of focus) as acceptable.

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