Buying 60d with kit lens, opinions please.

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Re: Buying 60d with kit lens, opinions please.

The 18-135mm lens has a versatile range, but definitely isn't a fast lens.

I bought a 60D as my first DSLR a little over a year ago. Now, with 4 lenses, including the 18-135 kit lens, the 18-135 is the one on the camera as I walk around taking pictures of the kids at amusement parks, etc. In my pocket however, is a nifty fifty (50mm f/1.8) for those times when there isn't much light (think partly indoor bumper cars).

Pro photographers will discount the 18-135 based on quality, but doesn't mean you should. They have higher expectations, but also deeper pockets, as their purchases are investments with financial returns. I'm guessing yours isn't (yet), so your requirements won't necessarily align with theirs. I've taken some beautiful pictures with my 18-135, and would have a hard time replacing it with a faster (think f/2.8) lens that doesn't cover nearly that much focal length range.

Just my 2cents.

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