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I tried Guy's method on the GXR.

It really is quite simple and and can have it's usefulness within restrictions.

You don't need to reformat your SD card. All you have to do is clean out any card of images and leave one there. Or simply capture a single image as a dummy to work on.

All you have to do is go into your file manager and rename the single remaining file R#------ where the # represents a number 0-9. If you use DNG and JPG as I do then I renamed one "set" of images the same. Then by Guy's method that file is left there (?), however it seems that once the sd card in camera has been "set" to this new number and the camera used to capture at least one other image then the new sequence will be remembered. Once the new number has been set further images captured happily increment from there even if the original file changed has been later removed. This seems card-specific and will follow the sd card about but if the one card is left in camera then it provides a code that indicate camera of origin. It can also be used to separate individual cards so that the image numbering will not clash in a directory of images. But by sorting a directory by numeric order images from separate cameras/cards can be isolated.

I tried to be more ambitious by changing the lead "R" to "G" but whilst the numbers continued to be incremented correctly the "G" was changed back to "R" on succeeding images recorded.

Bear in mind that the cameras have their own internal numbering system in use and that the file numbers generated when recording are actually different as explained in the GXR manual on page 148.

Guy Parsons discovered, tested and publicised this method on his site and this forum some years ago in relation to the R series and all credit should be his.

Obviously Ricoh has not changed its method of recording file numbers.

This method could be also used for instance to isolate images taken with different model Ricoh cameras as well as images from identical models - for instance CX, GX, R, GXR and GRD.

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