$700 fix

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Re: $700 fix

"Feel free to start us off"? "I'd be pretty wary if I was you"?
Wow. Seriously, dnercesian, get over yourself.

Apparently you have a marketing diploma to show us? (God, that's funny) Please do.

The fact is that Amy is right on this from the business perspective of most companies. It may seem like a pretty finely balanced argument in the environment of an online forum, but in the boardrooms of major enterprises the decision almost always comes down on the side of not providing warranty service on grey-market goods. The PR hit is minor because most consumers are grown-ups and understand.
Amy is a great photographer too!

dnercesian wrote:

Look Amy, any time you want to break out the diplomas and discuss what it is we do on a daily basis and how much we get paid to do it, feel free to start us off. Until then, I'd be pretty wary if I was you, talking about your understanding of business and PR. Just because you think you are so incredibly perceptive of a situation, does not make you an expert in the field. You have shown a clear bias from the beginning. [...] No, really, go ahead, start us off. I think others may be curious and we could all use a good one.

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