Gx1. i.r.resolution and i.dynamic ? what to set them on?

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Re: Gx1. i.r.resolution and i.dynamic ? what to set them on?

Its in the owners manual that came on disc with the camera. one mode has to do with when their is a "big difference in brightness between background and subject and to help get the image how you see it with your eyes.

The other is pictures with sharp profile and resolution. I am thinking maybe you are shooting art work or detailed stuff.

The manual does not give specifics to low, med etc.. but it tells you what modes its active in and both do not work in IA mode.

Why not print the page from the manual and take it with you?

chalky46 wrote:


if anybody uses these settings can you please tell me what you have them set on and why?
also what situations please.

im off to silverstone the weekend bike races, and i want to get the most out of my camera. i suppose its just try all settings and wait till get home and see the results!!

thanks all



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