OMD Black VS Silver

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Paul Shields Contributing Member • Posts: 944
Re: OMD Black VS Silver

Brian Caslis wrote:

David43Fan wrote:

The black wears off, see:

Does the silver too? Anyone?

I guess I'm blind because all I see in those photos is close-ups of connectors. Those connectors have the bare metal, I don't see any evidence of the paint itself coming off. Seems like a whole thread about absolutely nothing.

It looks like the wear is on the edge of the body where the USB/HDMI cover sits. As that edge is very sharp I guess it's not surprising. Not sure what could cause that wear though. Personally I've yet to remove the rubber cover to access those ports. I can certainly see how it could could rub off the paint though. Anything that is that pointed is bound to be more susceptible.

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