Should I get the Nikon D4?

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Re: Ordered the D800. Comes Wednesday. Thanks (nt)

larrywilson wrote:

Snapper1967 stated
Is D800 unusual to use Larry?

No, the d800 sounds like it operates like most modern Nikons. In reading your first opening post it sounded like you wanted a professional bodied camera such as the d3, didn't need the 36mp and wanted something with fast frames per second? The d4 meets the criteria you first stated at the start of this thread? It seems you reconsidered and ordered the d800 which goes against what you first stated for a camera criteria. Just confusing to me, but get what you want, none of my business and enjoy the d800.


You're one of the good ones here. Certainly meant no disrespect to you. Great info you gave!

Price swayed me more than anything. I can live with 4fps.


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Just enjoy what you do.

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