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DRabbit wrote:

dnercesian wrote:

And for the record, I don't think you are paid by Fuji for any of this as your words do not really help them at all. I seriously doubt they would ever hire you to do their damage control. You keep harping on the issue of supporting gray market cameras. The average internet consumer does not make it that far into the conversation and doesn't care.

The average consumer doesn't buy grey-market -- and if they do, they aren't Fuji customers... they actually represent money Fuji loses. When that fool is told "you should have bought from an authorized place" there can be two responses... "F you Fuji, you're wrong and I'll keep buying grey-market goods and risk no support" or "yup, you're right, and next time I'll be more careful where I buy from if I expect warranty or any kind of support from the manufacturer".

Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, to name three of the internet's highest traffic sites among many others that either support the sale of preowned items or exist solely for this reason would strongly disagree with your views of the average internet consumer. People look for the best deals, whether it is buying with a coupon, or buying a preowned item that seems to be in good condition. The sites I mentioned along with many others are some of the highest bandwidth sites on the net for that very reason. You act like it is a small group of seedy cheapskates that buy buy used. You couldn't be more wrong.

I think you are just wound up fans who do not understand anything about PR or business. Thats okay. I don't understand a lot about molecular physics, railway engineering, or Argentinian cuisine. To each their own.

I think I understand more about it than you seem to. Hence the reason I don't expect any camera company to support grey-market items.


Look Amy, any time you want to break out the diplomas and discuss what it is we do on a daily basis and how much we get paid to do it, feel free to start us off. Until then, I'd be pretty wary if I was you, talking about your understanding of business and PR. Just because you think you are so incredibly perceptive of a situation, does not make you an expert in the field. You have shown a clear bias from the beginning. I, on the other hand, have admitted that I am a happy Fuji X-Pro 1 owner including all XF lenses and 2 flashes, have never owned an X100, have never had a personal bad experience with fuji support (never needed them for anything), and am approaching this from a objective buyer's perspective. I was potentially going to buy an X100, a new one from Samy's Camera, where I buy 80% of my gear, but not anymore. No, really, go ahead, start us off. I think others may be curious and we could all use a good one.

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