Art Filter use - Should I feel guilty?

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Re: Art Filter use - Should I feel guilty?

Those of us who are used to the dramatic tone might be bored by it at some moment. Most of the people I know dont know anything about art filters or postprocessing and just thinks that the pictures with the dramatic tone are great (great colour they use to say). I still use the filter quite a lot, but I have begun to be more critical of the scenes which I think fits the dramatic tones filter. Some pictures might look a bit "unnatural" but if you use it a lot I think you will be able to tell when they do and when they dont (and if you just thinks it looks great everytime, there is really nobody that should tell you not to use it - pictures of faces are usual examples of something the dramatic tone should not be used for, but some landscapes and cityscapes also becomes strange in a bad way)

In contrast to many in this forum, I think that the oly art filters are an important reason for buying oly - as well as the great jpg. If a camera can spare you time of postprocessing then why not? I dont have much time to sit in front of the computer during a work week, so I really appreciate anything that can make post process in camera (and if I really get a great shot using the wrong filter, I can always just process the raw file)...

I also believe that the aversion against the many new filters introduced in the pana gf5 is strange: why should we not want a dozens of filters? It does not cost anything and can be added without any limitations to usability for those who do not want them? Of course it is nice to have filters that can actually produce something you want to look at, but if oly or pana makes 50 interesting filters, I will be the first to (mis)use all of them...knowing that there might be several purist who will think that this is not what 'real' photographers do...

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