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Re: is there any open source software ? or xml based softw? Re: photo management soft

fuego6 wrote:

Hi Fulvio - its a good effort but it is missing some really basic abilities in a DAM such as the ability to edit XMP info and add IPTC / keywording information. Also, since everything is only stored in a propriatary database, switching to another product is not easily obtained. I hope you can make modifictions to bring these necessary features to the table?

XMP and IPTC support can be surely added, it is just a matter of finding the time.

At the moment I think that the program can do reasonably well what it has been designed for: finding photographs, viewing and handling them.
Changing the image files is a second step.

Data are not stored in a proprietary database: Firebird is open source so everybody with the needed knowledge can extract the info from it.
Adding an export feature is planned anyway.

I believe that being open source is important for this kind of program. Users are likely to store images of a full life in it so using a program with a long life is important. A successful open source program is likely to have a very long life: even if the author(s) stop working at it it is easy for other people to keep maintaining it.

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