Retina Display, but no matte option?

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Re: Retina Display, but no matte option?

kb2zuz wrote:

Yeah I saw those, but there's one problem.... they do not appear to have thunderbolt pass-through. I can't daisy chain them together or put more devices on after it. The new MBP has 2 thunderbolt ports, so I can use both, but then I have used up both of my thunderbolt ports and can no longer hook up an external monitor (like my PA-271W) which is a bit of a dilemma.

Yes, if you need both and a non-TB display, you have a problem or rather you need a proper hub. Let's just hope that most other TB devices will have a feed-through (almost all FW devices in the end had a feed-through.

But I have to say since 801.11n, I very rarely use my Ethernet port.

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