Amazon Wharehouse X-Pro 1 $1212

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Re: There is no Fuji warranty on these?

From experience, when you purchase from a large retailer (amazon, best buy, etc.) an open box product they always honor the warranty. When you show them a receipt from a retailer like that they typically won't give you issues. I am going to try an register mine when it comes in tomorrow. Typically people don't register their serial numbers when they get these products and is how most companies base warranties (I have yet to be asked for a proof of purchase on a warrantied product).

But congrats to everyone who jumped on these prices!

Iphoto wrote:

The camera has only been out for a few months. How can Fuji not warranty these? Is the warranty not transferable?

Also, who would fix the camera with the 3rd party warranty?

Could these Xpro 1's be grey market? There is already a thread on here about an x100 that was grey market and the person can't get Fuji to fix it.


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