Retina MBP without a large hard drive. Disappointed.

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Re: Retina MBP without a large hard drive. Disappointed.

If you didn't get the nuance of the now faster and cheaper external drives maybe it will sink in after a while.

Also, what would you rather have,

  • internal raid and no battery life

  • internal raid and bigger heavier and maintained battery life.

If you didn't get it already it's a compromise...this is a pretty good one as it is but if you have a better answer. Please let us know.

Jen Yates wrote:

webfrasse wrote:

You can buy 1.5TB bus powered USB3 drives now.

What? You can plug in external storage to a laptop? When did this happen?

OP, I'm with you.

Apple should have given us the option of keeping all our data inside the machine, after all the previous generation supported internal RAID arrays

How are we supposed to know it is now possible to expand storage so easily. It's not common knowledge you know! You can't just walk into a shop and buy a USB 3 drive is it?

... oh wait... it is?... my bad... sorry.

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